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      Hi everyone.

      I just wanted to get some opinions on the SmartSound Sonicfire software. I’m starting to edit videos (memory videos, weddings, etc) for profit, and I need some great instrumentals for montages and such. I’ve followed some of your suggestions and gone to websites such as and, but the rates to use this music go WAY up when you are going to include it on DVDs created for profit.

      I’ve investigated the SmartSound software a bit, and it seems to be the best way to go – for both music quality and $$$ savings.

      Has anyone used this software in conjuction with Final Cut Pro or Soundtrack Pro? These are the programs that I am currently editing with. What are your opinions?

      Thank you as always!

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      I edit with Premier Pro and Smartsound has a special plugin version for PP that allows you to open it up from within PP and generate your music that way. I have to say that this was one of my better decissions in regards to the music end of things. It is so flexible and versitile and the quality of the sound adds that much more quality to your projects. You need to buy a good cross section of the sound pallets and you will always be able to come up with the right music for the situtation in your video. What attracted me the most was that you can dictate the length and it will re-conform the music to fit the length you want.

      Unfortunatly I’m pretty sure that they don’t have plugins available for the software you’re using. That’s not the end of the world for all that means is that you would have to buy the the whole Sonicfire Pro package and create you music outside of your current editing software. You still have the ability to create the different styles and lengths of music but I believe you have to import your movie file into it and from there you can start putting together the musical end of things on a make shift timeline they use. It’s pretty intuitive and I think you won’t be disappointed. Everyone that watches my work always comments on how professional it sounds. Believe it or not, the hardest part for me regarding this software is deciding what music to use during editing.

      They have neat demos on their website that explain how it all works way better than I can. All I know is the results are outstanding. It does get a little expensive when you start adding more pallets to your collection but you can do that over time so it won’t hurt as much.


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      I am sorry to say I do not use the programs you are asking about. I do however use “smart sound” with Studio 9 plus. The latest version of “Liquid edition” also uses “Smart sound”

      I used the “packaged music” and was totally blown away by the way it adjusts itself when you adjust the time line of the music line. The basic stuff is okay, but limited. I visited their web site and purchased an 11 CD pack. The best thing I’ve done in a long time.
      These are all royalty free for none – professional use. The professional range is outstanding – all at a higher sample rate and I may say cost more, but are well worth it.

      I believe you will have to use Sonic Fire pro to enable you to add “Smart Sound” to your video.

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      Sorry to take so long to reply – haven’t been here in a while.

      I use SoncFire Pro with Sony Vegas and love it. SFP will output a WAV file with the music of your choice (I won’t go into just how great this product really is here) so you can drag it to the timeline of whatever NLE you are using.

      If you want more details on what I think of the package, post back and I’ll post a full review.


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