small wave or mp3 voice recorder for weddings?

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      Hi all, could anyone give me some feedback on what would be a good make/model of small mp3 and or wave file digital recorder that would fit in a grooms pocket? I have heard good and bad about zoom and i-river, i need to get something fairly soon and am not sure which direction to go. I have a Senheiser wireless but I would like to get a couple small portable units as well. Thanks for any help!! Also, what would be a good mic to use with a small portable unit?

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      Okay so here’s the thing. I’m assuming you need to use them as an alternative to a wireless mic system.

      Because of all the restrictions in the churches where I live, I use Digital voice recorders instead of a wireless system. I use an Olympus WS-100. It records up to 40 hours to WMA format. There are some that record to MP3 or WAV but they are really really pricey.

      The sound is good quality. I have always been pleased with it. I attach one to the Groom, Preacher (if he allows) and a few others. Then when I am ready to edit, I just download the audio and add it to the timeline. The only quark I’ve experienced with these is a slight audio timing problem.

      Basically, in the timeline I have to set the speed to 101% of normal, otherwise over a period of time, the audio sync gets off slightly. But as long as I set the speed to 101% it is fine.

      Anyway, using these digital recorders, as opposed to recording from a wireless directly to the video tape, allows you to have uncorrupted ambient audio just in case you need to use it. Which I have used often. If I had recorded directly to the tape from the wireless, that audio would have been unusable.

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      I also have a OlympusWS-100 and have done some voice overs using it and it works really well for that.

      Ihad told acouple guys aboutusing it as amake shift “wireless mic,” just add an external microphone and add the audio to the video.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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