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      I’m really pleased to have this forum available and thank those respondents on an earlier query for their generous help. I’d like to get advice on whether I need to consider anything else for a small enterprise I’m looking to start up that centers on interviews. This is what I’ve got so far; three light (includes boom light) soft box continuous lighting rig, backdrops, Sony Nex VG10 (32gb card), Nikon d3100 (16gb card) for extra perspectives to edit in, Sony Vegas Movie Studio Nine Platinum Pro, two tripods, two wired lapel mics, Win 7 64 bit on an i5 (266ghz), Radeon HD5700, 8gb ram and 2 Tb HDD (plus external drives of 5Tb available) and bluray burner (I’ve also got 3DS Max on board). I can also go portable if I want to and I’ve got fleccy boards to help in that contingency. My main concern is about editing AVCHD in Vegas. I’d like to offer a bluray or DVD as the final product for the client as required. Do you think I’d also need NeoScene? Are there pitfalls here I need to know about? I think the business idea is really sound but marketing is a mystery to me. I can generate a website but after that I’m inclined to go to a professioanl marketing company. I’m trialling the approach on six subjects to refine the process before I kick off. I’m in Canberra, Australia by the way… feels as cold as Colorado when I taught there.



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      michael9, if you want some advice on interviews (technique etc.) you might check out some of the posts by EarlC a frequent poster hear and contributer to Videomaker magazine. EarlC is also a great source for suggestions on marketing your business, he suggests a targeted approach.As far as your equipment goes, when you go portable a collapsing reflectorwith multiple colored surfaces comes in handy (less storage space,lightweight may eliminate carrying along some of the lighting). These are available at many places, Digital Juice and others.You should have the bases covered for editing AVCHD, I use a less powerful computer wih no problems except length of time rendering. I also use Vegas MS 9 Platinum Pro and have used it to put Avchd files on DVD for viewing HD on Bluray or PS3 but without the ability to have menus. I am adding a bluray burner and am trying to find out if I need other authoring software for menu based HD discs. Have you been able to use DVD architect to make blurays on your bluray burner with menus or do you use other authoring software for this? Keep shooting.

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      Listen to Vid-e-o-man when it comes to EarlC, he is a wealth of information about marketing and producing video. If you can produce blu-ray with what you have and like working with it, I would stick with it. I have never used Vegas but I have heard it is a good program. I was raised with Adobe so I am biased about their products and would recommend them to anyone.

      If what you have works for you at this time, take the time to learn how to market yourself and your craft.

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      I’ll have to let you know about the blu-ray and DVD Architect because the burner hasn’t arrived yet. I’ll certainly be going over EarlC’s posts (thanks for pointing him out). I’m reassured by what I’m reading. I guess like anything else there’s an element of trial and error through usage that will help refine the product/process over time. I’ve been drilling down through Videomaker on “interviews” so no doubt I’ll have read some of EarlC’s commentary. I hope to keep posting with the ups and downs of this project. I’m hoping to start in earnest in 2012 (as long as the world doesn’t end!) with an incremental start in the last quarter of this year.


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