Small 3ccd Camera, whats your pick

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      I am leaning towards picking up a compact 3ccd camera, i know panasonic has a few. Truthfully i think its great, with the price, size and 3ccds. The image is ok, im really a sony guy. I have a small compact panasonic that has totally crapped out on me withing a year of buying it.

      So what are your suggestions for a good, small high quality picture. I seen one i was eyeing it came out in 2003. I cant recall the model number im just looking for options


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      Sony HC1000?

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      I do video editing as a hobby and do not want (need) the expensive (prosumer) cameras that some of the other videomakers use.

      I videotape Youth orchestras and Big bands that my son plays in

      I have progressed form the video8 analog camera, up to a JVC Mini DV and now up to the higher end of the consumer video camera market using
      three Panasonic NV-GS4000 3ccd cameras.
      I am very happy with the Panasonic camera.

      I do see a pattern starting here – maybe prosumer camera/s in a few more years time.

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