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      I recently shot a video at a wedding with my Canon vixia hf-g10. Everything was coming out splendid until I was shooting the first dance. For some reason the camera started shooting in stuttered slow motion, then after about 10 minutes, it corrected itself and shot fine for the rest of the evening. The audio was completely fine, no issues. I used both built in memory and a solid SD card.Now I had this problemearlier onthis daywhile shooting directly on to the camera’s built in memory. I believe that I may haveshot over some corrupted video that may have been left after a deletion of past videos. I know now I should do a complete intialize in the future. My question is…Is there a way to repair this slow motion video to have it perform in better quality, and look the way it should ?

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      Hi Scott. First question: when you say “stuttered slow motion” it suggests to me that you were shooting at a slow shutter speed — 30fps, for example rather than 60. This would make any motion appear to be jerky. I doubt there is anything you can do to correct this.

      2nd question: Is it possible that you got the camera into a true slow motion mode? If this is the case, you probably can speed up the clip with your editing software. I’ve done this in the reverse direction with film transfer where the modern projector produced a film transfer at 24fps and the film had been shot at 18fps. Sony Vegas, for example, has velocity envelops that will slow things down and speed them up, as well as the ability to drag the clip in the slo-mo mode (Control and left mouse at the end of the clip. Read the Help Menu.)

      Don’t know if your software will let you do this, but if it can you should be able to change the speed of your clip and salvage it.


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