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      I’am a new one here. first of all sorry for my bad english 🙂
      So, I’am not sure it’s a right place to ask about that (I mean Speacial Effect section) but…

      Is anyone know how to make a video effect (or this is filming technique) which is looks like slow motion in real time. For example “Nightwish” music video “Wish I Had An Angel” (
      Of course, I found one tip how to make that, it’s when you speed up music to 150%, then shoot the artists with this fast music and then in editing software slow down this video. Hmm, probably it’s works, but maybe here is some other options how to make that?

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      I think what you are seeing in that clip is time postering, not sloMo. Time postering is an effect in Adobe Premiere and probably other editors as well where a frame is held for a brief period, say, a quarter of a second. What you see is a series of stills going by fairly fast, but taking the same length of time as the original clip. That’s why the sound isn’t sped up or slowed down.

      It looks like there are some other effects in there,too.

      Incidentally, having performers sing and play faster won’t work unless they can also perform in a proportionally higher key. That is unlikely. There is software that can change the speed of the audio without changing the pitch, but it works best only over small ranges.


Viewing 1 reply thread
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