Slow-Motion In Vegas Pro 8

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      Ok…I made this Slow-Mo test for my very first short movie. I am going to use the slow-Motion Effectc in a fight scene…So, yesterday i went to see if i could do the “look” that i wanted. Well, it kinda worked, but notice that every time that he slow mo takes place, there is a “blur” around the object..(I forgot what that is

      Does anyone know how i can get rid of the “Blur” in sony vegas? I also have a Adobe After Effects that i can use, if that is necessary.



      Video Link:

      Vimeo (HD):


      Youtube (HD ALSO!, just be sure to click in watch in hd!):

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      Vegas is interpolating between frames. You can try different methods but, for truly clear slow motion, you need a camera that can record a high rate of frames per second.


      btw, nice opening title work with protype!

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