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      Once again, the movie twilight. During the Baseball scene, as before. There are scenes with them hitting the baseball then quickly slowing down to accent the shot.

      Is this possible with such clarity with a standard Prosumer camera or would I need to use a high speed camera for this? Or is it just a CGI trick?

      Thanks Sorry for all the Twilight references.

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      Have you tried to change the playback speed on your NLE? I use VideoStudio Pro X2 and it allows me to adjust the playback speed on the individual clips. You have to use it within reason. If you slow it down too far you end up with slight slide show effect in the video (starts to get really noticeable around 30% of normal speed). This also renders camera audio to the point where people soundlike cattle.

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      I use Vegas and it has ramped slow up slow down or non ramped speed selection. The algorithm created intermediate frames to prevent the flashing caused by stretching them out. If you are going to use the ramped method you have to add a velocity envelope. Otherwise just grab the end of the clip hitting ctrl and the mouse button and drag the clip to make it longer. It will do a fairly decent job on the sound unless you stretch it too far. I cut a short piece of audio and patch them. I video racing so its easy to cover up something like that. You don’t want to try this on progressive footage. The results suck. You need interlaced footage for the algorithm to work properly then deinterlace the final video. If its going on the web in progressive you need to deinterlace. It ruins a decent video to see the interlace lines on a crt.


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