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      Ok. I’ve been having sonme trouble with this for a while. When i use my software to make a slow motion seen in skateboarding, the audio sounds wierd and kind of robotic. Is there any software that will correct this so that it just has the lower pitch sound that im looking for?

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      If you’ve ever noticed, when you see slomo imagery it’s covered by music, sound effects or all the above. Unless you specifically want your audio to match the slomo, you’re not going to be able to use it with the video. You can slow your audio down in vegas (better in soundforge) but it’s going to sound ‘weird and robotic’.

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      Vegas has a setting that will keep the pitch the same even when slowing down or speeding up video – It still may sound funny depending on how much you need to slow it down though.

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      You can also just unlink the two tracks. And slow down the video, while keeping the audio at the same pace. Then you can just insert it where you want

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