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      My Short Slideshow career over a few years was hobby and for extra cash. I did many shows for family and friends as well as a couple of dozen clients and small business.

      Being in a industry now I do not have the time to do shows or nor do I wish to keep up my website hosting and domain name. I am looking to sell the entire website, content including logo, tagline, copy, photos etc.. for a fair price to someone who is trying to start or fasttrack a business idea for some extra money.

      I started out with and used Proshow Producer as my development tool for the shows but obviously your own shows can be plugged in along with your contact info etc..The shows on the site are a couple of years old and I did get much better but just never updated the site.

      If I am not allowed to post this here please let me know asap and I will remove it. Not sure on board rules. It is a niche market and want to get it to someone who can really use it. – mixing music and memories (always loved my tagline)

      The Site is targeted for slideshows & Photo Montages
      It has a Pagerank of 1
      It is 2 years old
      I have done some minor Search Engine Optimization on it
      It has 32 Links pointing at it
      The traffic is about 40-50 visitors per month
      With No promotions this year I had 6 inquiries
      That resulted in 4 sales 2 I gave to another company in my city because I do not have the time.
      Average price of shows about $200
      It is hosted with godaddy right now and can be transferred very easily.
      All HTML Files can be provided including stock photos
      Plug in your own shows
      Plug in your own prices
      Plug in your own contact info
      ++ Included in the final sale will be some information regarding Optimizing the site further for your city and how to compete online going forward. I do Search Engine Marketing for a living now and have spent very little time on this site. There is more that can be done and I will include a Top 10 List of SEO ideas for the new site owner free of charge.

      Please forward all questions to me.
      Please forward me your OFFER and a brief
      description of your situation.
      Price isn’t everything here.
      I am glad to get this into someones hands
      who will do something with it around their
      love for slideshows and allowing for part time income.



      thecompletist (at)

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