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      Hello –

      I am having some serious problems burning this DVD so that it plays on my stand alone DVD player.

      I have authored the DVD in DVDIt, and burned as a DVD volume. If I burn it using Roxio (I do the copy DVD, from file) it has errors in it at different spots every time I try. Coaster after coaster… it will play in a stand alone or PC DVD player, but if I let it run, it will always error out at some point…but it’s different every time. (I am using good HP Media by the way… DVD-R)

      So, then I decided to try another burner. So I downloaded Cheetah DVD burner. Burned from the files off my hardtrive, the video_ts. I played it on the PC and it played all the way through perfectly… but when I put in my stand alone player, it will not be recognized!

      I do notice that the name on the DVD when it is in the computer is called "New" would that have something to do with it?

      The bottom line is…I have a perfectly authored DVD in a video_ts – how do I burn it using a software other than Roxio so that it will work in a stand alone player? What was the Cheetah burned version missing that a stand alone player wouldn’t recognize?

      Any help is appreciated as I have been staying up ALL nighit trying to get this thing..I have gone through 50 DVD’s…all coasters.

      What can I do here?



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      Kkmac is correct. All you need to make a DVD work correctly is a folder called VIDEO_TS on your disk. There are a whole bunch of other VOB, IFO and BUP files in this folder that do the dirty work. A DVD player looks for this [VIDEO_TS] folder and then does its thing.

      The problem might not be that however. It could be the way you burned the disk, the brand and type of disk or even your set-top DVD player. This has been kicked around a lot in this forum. Older DVD players might have problems playing home burnt DVDs.

      I would try this: Get yourself some DVD-R disks. As far as brands I guess based on what other guys have been saying I would say that Verbatim seems to pop up a lot as being a reliable brand. I know I use them and have no problems. Then open your disk burning app and you would want to create a DATA disk from a file. Drag and drop just the [VIDEO_TS] folder in the area of files to burn. Make sure that there is enough room. Your [VIDEO_TS] file really shouldnt be over 4.6 Gb or you could run into a problem. Heres the interesting part. Try and select a burning speed of 2X to start with. Believe it or not, sometimes the difference between a disk playing and not playing could be the speed it was burned at. Especially when playing disks on older players. This should do the trick. If it still doesnt work, try and play that disk on a different DVD player to rule out the DVD player youre trying to play it on.

      NOTE: When burning a DVD disk in a burning program, you need to pay attention because some programs like NERO will create a [VIDEO_TS] folder automatically for you by default when you tell it that you are creating a Video DVD. In that case you would need to copy just the CONTENTS of the [VIDEO_TS] folder from your movie and then you would paste it INSIDE the [VIDEO_TS] folder already sitting there. In other words you cant drag and drop YOUR [VIDEO_TS] folder into another [VIDEO_TS] folder.

      Good luck!


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      Be sure that the VIDEO_TS folder appears on the disc. Burning only the files in that folder to disc is not enough. Stand alone players look for that folder. If its not there, it will error.

      Also, you may want to invest in some re-writable DVD so you don’t waste good ones.

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      The way a DVD-R works is that there is a thin metal layer coated by a thin dye. The dye is non-reflective and the metal is. When a disc is burned, your burning away the dye. If a disc is burned at higher speeds, depending on the manufacturer and type of dye used, it might not burn away the dye completely. The reflectivity if the metal layer under is then hindered, which later results in skipping and other playback problems. Slower burn speeds are recommended for the greatest compatibility.

      Do not put a VIDEO_TS folder inside another folder. The only thing a player needs is the VIDEO_TS folder with the info and video files inside that folder. The AUDIO_TS is not needed but often there.

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      Guys, thanks so much for the replies…it was a very long night, and I am still where I started.

      So, I am going to just try and do the slowest burning speed, and I am just going to do a straight data burn of video_ts and see if that works.

      It’s just so weird that some of the disks I burned have just the video_ts folder (with the files inside) and my DVD player just doesn’t recognize the disk…says the disk is dirty.

      You see, there are 9 DVDs in this "course" I am creating. 7 of them mastered just fine…but these 2 do not. Burning them with Roxio (just like the other 7) always has errors somewhere in the playback (even burning at 2x).

      Then burning with Cheetah at 2X, it plays back perfectly all the way through on the PC, but the DVD player (ANY DVD Player, I have tested on a bunch) will not recognize the disk…and the only thing the disk has is a video_ts folder with the files inside!

      I’ll try your suggestions above, but can’t see how it would change anything…but who knows…

      I’ll give an update, and any other advice is appreciated…I need to get these masters out today!



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      😯 Hummm.

      So youre saying that you have done 7 DVDs already without any problems and youre only having problems with these last 2 disks?

      Are you doing everything the exact same way using the exact same process and disk types as the last 7 disks?

      How are you on available hard drive space?

      If you are doing everything the exact same way as the first 7 disks, then the only things I can think of is that youre low on HD space which is needed for the caching of files during burning, your DVD files are corrupted, your set-top player is acting up or your burner is malfunctioning all of a sudden.

      One last question: Are you saying that you can burn the DVD disks OK but they aren’t playing or are you having problems actually burning the disks?


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      Be sure your using -R and not +R discs. +R is not to the DVD standard and is not as compatible as -R.

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