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    Skymie Video Tours is looking for videographers nationally to shoot real estate videos. This is not a virtual tour company! We shoot high definition, full motion video and will pay you for each home/property you video. We do have a platform and some online training videos to show you how we do it. Please contact if you are interested and we will contact you with more information. For an example of what we do please check out this link:

    Thanks, Skymie

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    ya do real estate videos but no virtual tours?

    hows that work?

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    Grinner, check out the link. It’s simple, we shoot video and don’t just stitch together pictures. We film the whole house so potential buyers can immediately make a decision on whether or not they are serious about the property.

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    like a virtual tour.

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    Oh you must offer “virtual tours.” Sorry, we are looking for people to shoot “real” video. Good luck!!

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    I suspect what we have here us a matter of semantics. Virtual likely meaning on video or over the web, VS photo-realistic computer graphics or “stitched” photos/stills. I believe that “real” or on video, or on the web, the imaging is expected to be videotaped and edited (or not) footage of a property – probably Grinner’s thought in replying.

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    I understand what you are both saying. The reason we do not call what we do a “virtual tour” is more for the realtor/broker. We describe it as a full motion video walk-thru. No offense was intended to you Grinner. I just used “real” to mean a video as opposed to stitching stills. There are many virtual tour providers that do a wonderful job. Our intention is to show the house as if you are actually walking it yourself. Standard virtual tours tend to pan and zoom in and out of random rooms without giving a feel for the layout.

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    We really appreciate all of the replies and look forward to working with you. This is definitely a unique opportunity as more and more brokers start understanding what the consumer wants. Video is here to stay!!

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