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      I need a camera suitable for filming downhill skateboarding (Guys going down hills on skateboards, fast). It will mainly be used outdoors with sun as the only lighting. It also needs to be High Definition. I would prefer one that recorded to mini DV but I do not mind a Hard Drive one.



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      I use an FX-1 with a fish eye lens and go down with em. Do you skate? If so, This works well. If not, you can stacka fiew small camcorders down the hill, or shoot hand-held with mutiple passes.

      Hit or just cruise by Best Buy. There are plenty of solutions to pick from. Be careful and happy new year.

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      Thanks for the suggestion but the FX-1 is a bit out of my price range. I was hoping for something more around the $1000 area. I do skate but will be using a helmet camera for catching action footage and this camera for sitting at a corner and filming.

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      maybe something like the pentax kx and 10-17 fisheye zoom…?

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      I think the best place to get maximum info on all available cams to suit you will be

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