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      i am building a studio (or glorified barn), for shooting educational videos for the health care industry. i’ll have a single production set, with perhaps 3

      actors. my basic plans call for a 30 x 40 building with 16 foot high celings. is this big enough? are the ceilings high enough for a lighting grid?

      it’s better to build the right thing than wind up with regrets wishing i’d built it larger or differently. any advice about dimensions needed is greatly appreciated.

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      That sounds large enough to me. I don’t know exactly what your plans are, but that’s bigger than the studio at our school, and we have a top-of-the line-studio.

      You want to know about the inverse square law when it comes to lighting. Basically, lets say you have a light shining on someone and the light is 5 feet away from them. if you change the distance to 10 feet away from them, you will have 1/4 of the light falling on your subject, not half. So that may be something to think about when having a grid 16 feet high. make sure your lights are bright enough so that enough light is falling on your subjects.

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