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      I created a movie in Imovies on Mac. and when i created dvd it required me to use a dual layer disc. The video is 117 min long with effects and transitions, titles etc. I am burning multiple copies of dvd onto dual layer blanks. What are the pros and cons of this and is there a way to compress the file in order to burn onto single layer dvds?

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      I’m not familiar with imovie but what you will need to do is adjust the bitrate and compression settings for outputting the video. There may be a bitrate calculator in there somewhere to see what setting you will need to use to get te filesize that fits. As far as the pros and cons, Pros: You can use single layer disks. Cons: The video is more compressed.

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      When you compress video do you lose quality?

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      Yes! The more you compress video the more quality you lose.

      However, there are good encoders out there that do a better job than others do so that can make a difference.

      Another thing is that sometimes it can be hard to notice with your own eyes if there was any loss of quality or not. In other words if I took an hour video and compressed it using 5000bps versus 7000bps, you might not be able to tell the difference too much. If there was a difference it would show up in fast action scenes in which you would most likely start to see some artifacting (blocking) going on with the 5000bps encoded video.

      You can squeeze or compress 2 hours of video onto a regular size DVD but you will for sure notice a difference in the quality of the video.


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