single bodypack to dual bodypack?

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      I’m new to the wireless Lav systems search and I have researched different brands and models. I’ve learned that the minimum I can expect to spend for a dual bodypack system is $1,399.00 for the Audio Technica 1821D. Too much for my budget. So, I want to get a quality single bodypack system, like the Sennheiser G3. My question is this: if I get a system like the G3, will I later be able to add another bodypack? If not, is there a good quality single bodypack system to which I can add another?

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      A bit old now – but Sennheiser equipment doesn’t have to be bought as systems – you can buy the individual components easily – BUT – it’s more expensive buying like this. However, keep an eye on ebay (making sure the band is the same) and you can get bargains – BUT – don’t buy a counterfeit. If it’s too cheap, it’s probably not real!

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      Unfortunately, this doesn't really answer my question. I understand you can buy Sennheiser components, but I don't want to buy a receiver that will not accept an additional body pack. This is what I need to know: Is there a receiver with a single body pack that will accept an additional body pack at a later time?

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