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      Who ever has seen Sin City knows what I’m asking. How can I make one color (whether it’s clothing or eye color) stand out? Sin City is all black and white except for red, blue and yellow items. I have Final Cut Studio 2 and want to know if I can mimic this technique. Mainly, I want to make a charcters eyes jump out. (Idealy, I would like to keep all the scenes’ natual coloring and make my villan’s eyes glow a bright red, when in reality their dark brown) What can I do to accomplish this? Final Cut Studio 2 includes: Final Cut Pro, Motion 3, Color, and conversion programs.

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      What I would do is shoot the video and edit it all in color and then import it into Motion. From there mask out the items that you don’t want to change color and for the rest apply a filter effect to change it to black and white. There may be a shorter and easier way to do this but I’m unaware of one, this will be time consuming to mask everything.

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      If you want the whole thing to be in color, but just have the antagonist to have red eyes, you could look into colored contacts. This is a common thing used in TV (the Sci-Fi show from a few years ago called Invisible Man used red contacts).

      That might be the fastest solution you could do. Of course, it’s more expensive, so weight the costs of your time to do color correction.

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      Do a search for "sin city effect" on YouTube to see demonstrations of how other people accomplish it with various applications. Here are a couple examples (not mine):

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      I was looking for the same effect.

      I went to Youtube and played around for about an hour and I found a Tutorial that a guy put up.

      To the point.

      I have included the links below. Plus the link to his website.

      Hope this helps. It certainly helped me. And it’s very easy. Who’d a thunk?

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      I have Final Cut Express HD, and it doesn’t have the limit effect option in its color corrector. How do I accomplish the Sin City/Pleasantville effect without it?

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      Well, here’s how they made one of the examples listed above.

      What I have done on FCE, is use the chroma key filter, to key out the color of the object, then inverse the key (so everything disappears but the keyed color). Put this video on track two
      On the first track, slice in the original footage, and desaturate the colors so its b&w.

      Its not the best method, in my opinion, but its pretty similar to the method used in the previous post.[/img]

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      Is it possible to do this using ulead videostudio 11 plus? Or would Ulead mediastudio work?

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