Simultatneous Videoing and DVD Burning (i.e. in real-time)

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      I have a Canon XM2 connected by firewire to a PC running Nero 7 Premium. I use the camera to film students and my requirement is to burn directly to DVD, so that the students can leave the course with a DVD in their hands (like the used to in the old days with a VHS cassette). I do *not* want to spend time afterwards, copying from DV tape to the PC hard-disk and then burning a DVD. Nero 7 has the capability to burn in real time – and sometimes it works. However, it does not appear to be reliable, sometimes it says the DVD isn’t blank (when it clearly is), sometimes it doesn’t recognise that their is a disk in the drive.

      Does anybody have a reliable setup for real-time filming/burning?

      I’m thinking of buying an additional – much smaller and more portable – camera for international work and was thinking of a JVC Everio. Thoughts and views appreciated – can these burn directly to DVD via their docking station?

      Thanks a lot.

      Chris D (UK)

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      I would get a stand-alone DVD recorder. They record in real time, and you can record to tape at the same time in case there is a glitch (if there is a glitch, you will need to restart recording, if you want you can dasiy chain two recorders so you don’t have to worry as much). Usually you will need to finalize the disc at the end [takes about 1-15 minutes, depending on how much was burnt (the less burnt, the longer finalizing takes).

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      Thank you Tonsofpcs. The Sony VRDMC3 seems to be a good stand-alone burner. I think I’m right in saying that one needs to be Firewire connected for "real-time" burning. Although my (big, old) Canon XM2 has firewire, I notice that a lot of the new – much smaller and much lighter – hard-disk or solid state cameras don’t have Firewire ports.

      I’m coming to the conclusion that if I want portable, real-time burning, then it’s the Sony DVD burner (mentioned above) + a small DV tape camcorder (like the Sony DCR-HC14E, for example).

      Any views or thoughts would be most welcome.

      Thanks for posting so quickly – appreciated.

      Chris D (UK)

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      Any stand alone burner should do fine. Just be sure you record another copy somewhere (in the camera sounds good) in case the burn fails.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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