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      Hi all!

      I’m about to arrange a party for a large crowd and would like to make humouristic commercial movies for it. I am not looking in to using advanced techniques or anything of that sort, but I have a hard time finding the right editing-program for me. I would like to make text-streaming on still backgrunds (perhaps just a plain black one), text-streaming on video, simple video cutting and editting and lastly I’d like to be able to put in my own audio.

      Does anyone know a freeware-program that fit these requests?

      Thanks a lot in advance!

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      What kind of computer do you use?

      If you use PC/Windows then get DebugMode Waxfor free at

      Wax is a compositer, so use it for special effects. Windows Movie Maker is good for editing.

      If you want something better, I can point you to some other free programs, but these other programs take more time to learn.

      Good luck! chris

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