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      I’m looking for a HD camcorder (720 -1080 etc.) that is simple to use (Like the Zi8) but has stabilization and shoots only video. . no stills. However, a still camera that shoots excellent video is ok. $200 to $500 price range.

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      Why would you put a meaningless restriction on your choices?

      Got lots of lenses? A DSLR would employ them without the infamous DIY adapters

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      pentax kx

      Depressing Review has a reputation for kissing advertisers butts to the point that some companies often get shrifted to the point that reviewers will even contradict thier own data charts to rate a sponsors product higher than a non sponsors. A Canadian Pro Photographer was banned from thier forums when he dropped canon and switched to Pentax… but I digress my point was any non canon product getting rave reviews from them has gotta be better than good…

      then there is the k7 a more pro spec camera with an audio mic input…

      which, while more expensive at twice your budget, it is also the only weather proof system you can buy at its price point…

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