Simple flipcam advice

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I am a beginner lyricist and guitarist. I want to pursue song writing, not performing. I'd like to buy a cam that allows me to share the music I've written, and video blog as well. I've looked at the flip video ultra, as it's been recommended for video blogging. What do you think about this cam for recording my songs as well? Do I need a microphone?

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This type unit might very well do what you want and need, though I'm sure you realize the audio quality isn't going to be top drawer. I would, however, double check with others as they come on here because I believe Cisco, the manufacturer of the highly popular Flip series has discontinued it. Might have some bearing on what you get as it pertains to service or replacement. They are, if you can still get one, highly respected units and quite affordable.

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Cisco has discontinued it. Whats left is all that is left. I might suggest a Sony Bloggie? You can get full 1080 HD out of that (not just 720p) and the audio is better than the Flip, though you would still probably want something separate to capture that.

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Cisco accurately predicted cell phones killing that market segment. You can still find them on store shelves at present...

Zoom does make a nice audio recorder that has video capability...

Now you likely won't need a seperate audio recorder or the editing skills to merge seperate audio and video... you will need a tripod though...

now, about lighting....