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      Just picked up a Samsung SC-MX20 camcorder that shoots SD in H.264 MPEG4 onto an SDHC card for amateur home video recording. It came with “Cyberlink Media Show software for editing. The problem is that neither of my computers meet the minimum requirements for the software 512 RAM and 3 GHz speed, minimum. (My desktop has the memory but only 2.8 GHz. When I try to play a video, the sound will play but it wont show the picture). Of course, it plays fine with Microsoft media player. I dont want to do anything fancy just cut some files and paste others together. Is there a simple cheap editor out there that would work on a Pentium R(4) CPU 2.8 GHz with 512 RAM?



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      Try It is coming with the free trial. I have had it running on the comp with the same specs as yours. You can try it, and if it works and you like it, you can pay $59 for the clean commercial version.

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      AVS is no good, because with the trial you get a watermark on top of your work.

      I suggest VirtualDub Mod orAvidemux. Avidemux will probably be able to read it, and just trimming/cutting is what these guys do.

      I’m working on a book/blog here on videomaker about these types of programs for the poor in money and poor in computer requirements. Check it out at and Avidemux are the third and fourth chapters in the Encoders and Converters section of the Table of Contents. AVS is one of the programs discussed in the Non-Freeware of Interest chapter.

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