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      I have a questionabout shutter speed. I have a sony dcrtrv-33 that I am quite plased with when it comes to filming on tape. Well the other night I attended a concert in which I was allowed to run the cam. After realizing 58 minutes into recording that I had the wrong setting for sp to lp. The warning promptly came up and luckily I had a 256mb memory stick in the slot and just switched to that rather than fumbling around for another tape. FIguring I could just “glue” it together later, I went on about my filming. However, now in the playback, and after rendering in Sony Vegas, the clip is choppy and is not good quality at all. The audio is still extraordinary, but the video is not good. I am assuming this has to do with the shutter speed, and found the setting in the menu to be on “auto”. not knowing if this is good or not, I have come to the forum looking for answers. How do I film with memory stick and avoid this if ever need be again? Thanks in advance……

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