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      Daniel Hart

      I am going to be filming a project in a couple weeks where we have a character watching a weather report on TV. We are going to have a pre-made video of me as the weather man. I was wondering what would be the best way to display the video on the screen. Obviously if we just filmed the TV screen with the camera it wouldn’t really turn up. I was planning on just inserting the video into the TV space in editing. But if anybody has a better way to do it I would love to here it. Thanks, -Daniel.

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      I would try filming the tv with a green screen in place of the viewing area and using chroma key to insert your video…

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      Most modern TV sets (particularly High-def) usually a method for displaying a blue, black, or other plain color. Black may not be the most ideal, as it will tend to reflect what’s behind the setup. If these options fail, you can try burning a video of nothing else but solid green onto a DVD and use the screen as a display device. Most ideally, you’ll need to have editing software capable of arranging mutliple video tracks – you’ll need to have chroma key.

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      You don’t need to use chroma key – you could more easily use a garbage matte (where you draw a mask around the area you want to put the simulated broadcast) – Look up how to do picture-in-picture in your NLE.

      Just my $0.02.

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      I agree with birdcat mostly – forget chroma key – just layer your newscast video on top of your TV screen footage and scale to size – use a garbage matte to get the corners just right – pretty muchall LCD or plasma televisions have tight 90 degree corners on the screen which makes it easy- older tube TVs tendto have rounded corners which can be a pain to match up to perfectly.

      Also, if possible, shoot yout TV screen footage straight on – an angled shot of the televisionmakes it more difficult to insert your newscast footage and make it look right, although it can be done with some basic 3D filters.

      Would love to se your finished result – post a link if possible!

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      depending on your needs and camera… it may be possible to do in-camera.

      one of those situations where a light meter helps.

      you need a shutter speed of less than 1/30th of a second and have to balance the light from the tv with your other lighting but it is do-able… especially if your scene requires a dimly lit living room with the tv prominent in the frame…

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      You’ve gotten 3 really good suggestions. My ‘$.02’ worth is for you to do tests with all three to see which works best visually for you. All of them are viable, but depending on the look you’re wanting tests are the only real way to find out.

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      I did something similar last year for one client – You can view it here:

      The video within a video can be seen at about 2 minutes in.

      This used the garbage matte approach. I find that much easier to do and get better results from that than other methods.

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      Daniel Hart

      Thanks for all the great tips! I think I’ll try it a few different ways and see which one works best. I’ll be sure to post the video when it’s done to let you see how it turned out.

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      Hello I just this week “gutted” a Sony Bravio 40″ TV and turned it into a news set “TV” with a green screen. I can shoot a show with out rolling the video in live ! I can allow the talent to slide in front of the “TV” so it looks like a live shot and the “TV SET” is OK to Stay in the Studio, if it falls off the desk it is not a total loss at it would be with a real working LCD in a working studio. I will post some footage when we begin shooting.

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      Grinner Hester

      If filming, be sure to playback the video at the same fps you are rolling film. No need to composite. You want it to look real and already have the feed in the can. Absolutly no reason not to just shoot it off the screen. Those reflections and the wash is what you’d be spending time in post creating after tracking it.

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      I will use a chroma key. so easy to resize and position on the screen. This is what I used on this home made video

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