Shouldn’t SD look half the size of HD?

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      Hello everyone,

      I am making the leap from SD to HD, just gotta buy the right camcorder. Anyways, I have been tinkering with HD editing. Doing some practice stuff and now I have a simple question with I hope a simple answer.

      In SVP 9.0 I have imported some native HDV footage (1440×1080) and the project properties are the same (1440 x 1080). It all looks great. But just for fun I imported some SD footage (720×480). I expected the SD footage to take up a much smaller portion of the screen. It looks like the native 480 pixel height is now at least double. What is going on here?



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      Vegas automatically scales all stills and video up to the project properties settings.

      If you want to keep your SD footage at the original size, open up the Pan/Crop window and resize it there.


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      In FCP, The timeline automatically upgrades the sequence to the best video format.

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      AvatarGrinner Hester

      I have a dog.

      What do these things have to do with this thread, eventvideoguy?

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      rs170a wrote “Vegas automatically scales all stills and video up to the project properties settings”.

      Well, I guess that means that Vegas essentially “blows-up” SD to at least 2x it’s original picture.

      I’ll try to do the crop/resizing thing and keep all SD video on a separate video track so I won’t have to resize each clip.

      Thanks again,


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      Simple answer is:

      SD video is 720×480 pixels. Your native quality is 1440 x 1080. This is 4 times better quality. (2 x 2) What is the software do in the back? It is use your SD and blow up to 2 times factor a specail algorithm do this and place like antialiasing function producing an appreciable quality. Some paint program do the same, blow up a factor 2 and scale down a factor of 2 the picture looks great we call it INTERPOLATION .



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      Playing around with Vegas tonight and 720×480 superimposed on a 1440×1080 screen size does look a tad small. Probably a good thing that Vegas resizes the SD.

      Your explanation signmax does help. Thanks.

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