Should I try Vegas?

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      Hi! I have a Athlon XP 2600+ 512MBRAM, 120Gig and 80 gig (8mb cache) for system and video files, FX5200 128Mb video card and 2X DVD+R/RW burner. It’s a custom built HP. I just start on the video editing world and I received Pinnacle Studio 8 with my Canon miniDV camera. I’ve used Dazzle before and hate it because of crashes. I finally burned my first DVD and was surprised with the quality (compared to the Dazzle video I had almost done).

      But as everybody here always write about how good Vegas is, I’m thinking about try it. First of all I’d like to know which version of Vegas would be the least to start (I’m thinking about buy it on ebay) and do the same kind of work I can do with Pinnacle Studio 8.

      Thanks for any help.

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      try the demo and see if you like it.I am using vegas for last 2 years and will not switch to any other software.

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      You can’t go wrong with Vegas. Very powerful, and very stable, a small learning curve, but shouldn’t be too bad since your somewhat familiar with editing software. Right now I believe that Sony has a promotion going that if you buy Vegas version 4, when 5 comes out (fairly soon) you get it for free. I think that’s it. Check out the Sony site to be sure. I used Pinnacle 7 and then 8, Vegas is so much better.

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      Is there a program out there with 3 places to place Video and 3 for audio?
      I have found on with 2.

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      Vegas supports UNLIMITED video and audio tracks, which means the only restriction is the power of your Computer (too many tracks and you’ll get a performance decline). If all you need is 3 video and 3 audio tracks, then Vegas would perform flawlessly on just about any modern Intel Pentium or AMD Athlon system.

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