Should I get the JVC GZ HD7 or the Canon HG10 ?

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      Should I get the “JVC GZ HD7” or the “Canon HG10” ?

      Wish one is better overall, quility is the most important thing to me, I heard that the HV20 is really good…(but i really dont want to mess with tapes)

      Im looking to do seriers videos,like short film and music videos… but for now mybudger is were these 2 are at right now so I need to chose between these 2, Also Ihave an HP Enterteinment Laptop and thats wereI do my editing.


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      I can tell you that the GZ-HD7U is a nice camera, but I too am not sure if this camera is good enough for what you want to do. I am too new in the field of Videography that I do not know.

      My question is how do you plan on managing your data files after shooting? do you plan on archiving the TOD or the converted media format whatever it is. I use Final Cut and I have to go with Quicktime Media to avoid having to render my clips everytime I change something.

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