Should I get the Instructional DVD’s?

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      Hey all. Should I get the set of 8 instructional videos or would I be able to find most of that material on the free instructional stuff on the site? Thanks!!

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      IMHO, the eight videos will consolidate in one easy access venue some of what is shared on the boards, a lot of what you need to know, and a few things you might never read or find on the forums. No, I do not work for Videomaker, but I believe in the publication, this forum and many of the products offered.

      When I first thought about moving into the business of producing video and discovered Videomaker magazine I was convinced that I’d made the first major positive step toward understanding video technically, and as a business.

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      Thanks. So it would be a smart move to get them? I have just been tasked with putting together a 30 minute TV show for my school on a local station. While I have a few years experience of amatuer videography, I know there are holes in my techniques. I’ll get some help from the station, but I would still like some formal training. Are there any other videos you may recommend? The format for the show is eclectic: interviews, promos, highlights, featurettes, etc..



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