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      I’m (very much) a non-professional that created a series of videos on how to shave properly (don’t laugh, you’d be suprised how many men never learned) for a YouTube channel. And its become more popular than I would’ve thought. 8) So I’m wondering if I should put a little more effort into production. At the moment I only have a low-end Panasonic DV camcorder and Windows Movie Maker. It seems to work OK for the most part, though I have been frustrated by WMM’s narration feature (I often seem to get "pops" in the narration audio, no matter how I transition or edit the stream) and its degradation of brightness on video (tape looks great straight from the camcorder, but a little washed-out after rendering).

      Should I consider something like Sony Vegas (a quick run around the forum indicates I should stay away from Pinnacle 😯 ) or would I be "killing a fly with a sledgehammer?"

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      compusolver Wrote:

      If you’re going to continue your video "career", you won’t regret having Vegas or Premiere Pro, but why not try Adobe’s Elements package first? I think it’s under $100 (like Pinnacle) and if you ever upgrade to PP, I understand that it works just like the editing program in Elements.

      Congrats on having a hit video already! In that sense, you’re ahead of most of us. How’d you become a shaving expert? I thought that just having to do it everyday (OK, rubbing scratchy chin, – most days) was enough to become an expert. πŸ™‚


      Thanks for your suggestions; I looked at Adobe Elements based on your comment but I couldn’t really get a "feel" for it from the web page. But since both Elements and Vegas have trial versions, I guess the best thing to do is just load ’em up and play with ’em. X-D I have a gut feeling Vegas will probably win out, as it has the most modest hardware requirements (I’m running a 2GHz Celeron Dell machine…).

      I became a "shaving expert" purely by accident: a few years ago SWMBO took me to an Art Of Shaving store during a trip to Las Vegas and I got an old-fashioned barber shave. The results were so amazing that I took up traditional wetshaving (shaving brush, lather cream, safety razor, etc.). Fast-forward to last summer when I saw a posting on a wetshaving discussion board (yes, there are shaving discussion boards just like there are videography discussion boards 8) ) where someone suggested that a video might help others learn the techniques that were always described/discussed on the board. Dunno why, but I got a wild hair and decided to make a video and post it to YouTube. At first there was very little activity (1200 views, 4 subscribers) but then last August someone posted the link to and and all hell broke loose–it went to 30,000 views and 100 subscribers in 48 hours. And its been growing ever since (there are now over 200,000 total views for all the videos and over 650 subscribers).

      So if you’d like to view shaving as a pleasurable hobby instead of a painful chore (and get rid of that scratchy chin πŸ˜‰ , check out the channel. πŸ˜€

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