shoting in public place

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      hi i want to film in my mall and or $-mart and i was wondering if any one had any forms that the store could sign that made it all leagle and what not. if you have the papers please send them to my e-mail
      thanks alot ivan

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      Though many people shot “guerrilla” in places like these, to shoot properly you should get permission from the store/mall. They usually won’t give you permission unless you have liability insurance, usually for $1,000,000. Many students have this automatically through their schools (check with your administration). Otherwise you would need to go through an insurer who does film insurance. A real big headache.

      You can google “film forms” to find what you are looking for. Here is a good site:

      You can use their forms as a base to make your own.

      Happy shooting

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      I had to get liability insurance to shoot in Yosemite. I recommend R.V. Nuccio and Associates (1-800-567-2685). I wasn’t really impressed with their Customer Service, but they were the cheapest I could find (not typically how I shop, but all I wanted was the piece of paper that would allow me to shoot.

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