Shotgun mic picking camera noises

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      The Azden SGM-X i have is picking up humming noises from the camera when mounted on the hot shoe (Sony FX7), the noise is gone when its not mounted. I have seen solutions by suspending the mic using rubber mounting systems (looks bulky). I have also ordered the Rode Videomic as it was recommended to solve this problem. Did anyone come across a hot shoe for a shotgun mic built from sound absorbing material?

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      Hi HJ,

      Good choice for a mic! I have the Rode NTG-1 and I can’t say enough about this brand. It may not be the greatest mic in the world, but I don’t know of any other brand that comes close to delivering this kind of performance in this price range.

      Rubber-mounting systems can be bulky, but some are quite effective at isolating camera noise. The Rode SM3 is something I own for my Canon XH-A1 and it works great.

      Proper camera noise absorption from a suspension shock mount has as much to do with design as it does with its’ materials. Which is why I think most suspension shock mounts are bulky: their design puts the emphasis on noise reduction rather than size.

      I hope you find something that meets both your needs.

      In Solidarity,


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