Shot video in a photo studio–ambient sound a problem

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      we shot the first segment of a series I’m producing in a photo studio. I know, bad idea. We used a lav mic and it picked up so much background noise.

      my question of today: how much of this background noise can be cleaned up in post-prod? Does something like FC express allow you to clean this up? If not, how much more money will I need to pay an editor to clean this up and what software will he use in this process?



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      It depends on what kind of background noise you’re talking about….voices or just ambient noise such as a fan or light buzz? FC Express does have some limited tools to help.A “pro” would most likely use Soundtrack Pro (part of the Final Cut Pro Suite) or Adobe Soundbooth.

      I use Soundbooth and it does a pretty good job with ambient noise – taking out voices is another matter.

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      Check out SoundSoap

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      AvatarGrinner Hester

      If it’s constant, you can fine tune an EQ and kill it. If it’s just ambience, you’re gonna be a keyframmin’ fool in post.

      Lesson learned though. There is value in that.

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      Try using Garage Band(assuming you have it-comes with the mac now). If you are not an advanced editor, this may be your key.

      Once you import your audio into the track, find the podcasting effect and select Male or Femaie Narrator Noisy. You can then tweak if you would like, but depending on how bad the ambient sound is this may help without a lot of keyframming and tweaking.

      Give it a shot!

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