Shot video HD inside the mouth teeth operation

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      The best way to shot video for chirurgical operation in the mouth, this is a close-up or macro technology. What is the best equipment a camcorder HD or a SLR camera?

      All solutionis appreciated.



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      I guess it is better to use a DSLR video option. Maybe a Canon 60D or alike will do. The lens of DSLRs are better for macro shooting.

      Chamberlane Altatis

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      sounds like a job best suited to a special effects maker…. ideally, you’d want to use a d-slr and macro lens with ring flash, to get a few shots (up close of patients mouth before and after surgery), video tape the wide shots of the surgery (doctor and patient), have a prop maker and or denturist make a model of the patients mouth for the surgeon to demonstrate on, and keep your equipment away from the patient during the surgery. Between maintaining a sterile environment, and getting into a tight workspace where somebody is performing a surgery, I’m guessing NOBODY will insure you for liability if your filming causes an infection or accident that does harm to the patient as a result of trying to film.

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      Thanks to Don and Chamberlane Altatis.

      When I started in photography (long time ago) using Minolta camera and close-up lens now digital cameras offers more potential than camcoders more control over the image and the depth of field So I’m in front of an educational project and the question what is the best method to produce HD video showing to students methods to a crown

      I want to thank all those or those that can suggest me in this project.

      Best regards,


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      AvatarGrinner Hester

      just run a macro snake up in there and have fun with it, Sig.

      ask em not to breath out.

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