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      Been making short music videos for about a year now this is my latests one. Would appreciate opinions, comments, advice,

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      Your stuff is not loading up for me, just the spinner with vimeo under it. Vimeo has been getting some flack last several months due to faulty playback and other playback issues. Losing favor with a lot of folks. In spite of it all YouTube and BlipTV for a couple, there are others, are doing a better job of things. If this doesn’t work in the next few hours I will probably take your post down as it is serving no purpose.

      Anyone else getting anything to watch beside the spinner & vimeo name?

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      Although the vimeo animation is quite nicely done and not too uninteresting to watch, (for less than a minute,) nothing else seems to be loading at all.

      BTW, this is my first posting here at Videomaker Forums. Glad to be here!

      (and now, the vimeo loading is reminding me of guitar picks.) Can’t look at it any longer…

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      I too can not see the vids. I have no other problems playing Vimeo stuff (I have a few vids out there myself).

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      <p class=”byline”>Breaking Ties – Video Painting by NY Skye

      “Chill version of Above & Beyond from Oceanlab sung by Justine Suissa set to a dreamy, haunting, melodramatic backdrop.”

      Very stylish!

      (Not sure why the vimeo load window keeps doing that)

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      When you embed video from Vimeo, you have to immediately ‘Edit’ your post. After you get the edit window, pull out all the code except for the active link at the bottom that should contain the name of your video and where it is on vimeo. It should come in clean after that. It took some serious fooling with to figure that out, so I hope it helps.

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      Grinner Hester

      Skye, Breaking Ties just felt like a swarm of meaningless effects. It didn’t seem to go with the song at all. Could have been to any somg or no song, really. To be honest, it looks like a student was just going through their effects list then threw a song under it later on.

      A music video does two things… it tells a story or highlights an artist… or both. This collage of random effects did neither, imo.

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      Yeah I gotta’ agree with Grinner.

      No matter what medium be it painting, charcoal & paper, photography, whatever, the artist must know what the relationship of the elements in their work is and be able to clearly covey it to the viewer. Video/film are the mediums ‘unrelated randomness’ shows up the strongest. Song was nice, but it begged for human interaction in relationship to the sentiment in the song. The imagery was okay, but like Grinner said, “it looked like a student went through their effects list.” Art House video/films work best with instrumental music in the same context with the imagery. At least there was evidence you have an understanding of basic editing. Put some more thought into relationships and context of your piece and it will be much better.

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      Gentleman, thank you for your time viewing my video and critiques, I appreciate your candid reviews.

      My intention here was not to tell a story, this was intended to be a picture on the wall, lets say in a bar or nightclub, people hear the music and every so often look up at the screen and see images flowing to the music, in a sense a visual dreamy escape, it’s not supposed to make sense. The listener hears the music and the images give a visual background not vice versa.

      I saw a news article about a guy who took over the mainBestbuy store in NYC. Every screen in the store, televisions, computers etc were displaying his video. The video was nothing but mixed overlays of several videos layered against each other and creating a psychedelic collage which at some points looked like nothing but colorful dots dancing on the screen. The store was packed with people viewing it as art.

      You are correct I am very novice, I do this for a creative outlet, kind of creative self therapy 🙂 I went way overboard with the special effects like a kid in a candy store. I need to use more balance and less toys.

      Question: if the tune is instrumental, no words, how and what relationship does it need to correlate with the music. in other words, besides the mood the music conveys, how does the imagery need to be answering the music? according to tempo, beat? what makes the best seamless flow?

      Thank you again for your advice.

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