Short Film – On Wheels

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      This is our first short film – On Wheels

      please tell us what you think!

      Thank you for watching!

      for more info go to

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      If it is your first short film it is really COOL! There are some really neat shots. I liked particularly the ones taken from the board.

      That said, it is too long. It does not seem to have a point to it, other than that skateboarding is fun. A short film needs a story, with a beginning, middle and end. You need to get into the story right off the bat. For more info, read “Making Short Films” by Jim Piper, and “Making it Big in Shorts” by Kim Adelman.


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      Thank you

      It does have a story and 3 parts, first part is the “happy” part, the part where he starts his day, the second part is the “sad” part, his day is ruined and hes feeling sad, but then his day takes another turn with the mugging, part 3 is return to happy and resolution. Its a silent film and is driven by music.

      thank you for your interest and suggestions

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      I kinda liked it, really. Maybe it could have been 2 minutes shorter but it’s cool as it is. I will soon be making a short film and i’ll post it here when it’s finished. Keep up the good work.

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      cool thank you! I look forward to seeing your short film!

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      interesting idea

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