Shooting with Canon 60D and 5D

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      I am shooting a ceremonie this saturday with Canon 60D and 5D mark 2.. I knw these camera are not long recording one but I am asking if there is some setting that I can make so that I can have same colour . this Video will be online. Can some one help me on how to set these Camera? thanks

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      My guess is there isn’t much you can do beyond white balancing. It’s hard to even get two of the same camera model to match perfectly.

      Typical workflows include some level of color correction anyway. So instead of sweating the cameras so much, I suggest white balancing and then doing some color correction when you’re finished editing.

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      I used both on the same project and Rob is right, no setting. They are close though but angle of light can really throw off colour capture. I used a clapperboard that has the colours across the top and, of course, white balance (unless you are doing a candle light shot then you want it to look yellowish).

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      Manually white balance and do not depend on any of the preset scene settings. Wherever possible ensure camera setting are set the same. When you say online are you referring to after post or are you streaming live? If it’s going on after post you can get the color balance pretty close. On a recent project we used a T3, (2) 7Ds and several 5D’s we were able to match the color in post very very close (Adobe PP CS5.5) – the average person couldn’t tell different cameras were used.

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      Thank you so Much for all your advice I will keep them in My mind…God bless you. Yes MediaFish I will edit first then put the video on website for people to learn.. I am sorry My English is not that Good,

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      Shooting with Canon 60D and 5D is great for me. Since I have tried using it with my sister's camera but I have experience doing it in an online. Very grateful with your post for the reason that I have learned by the advices of the other users. bohol packages

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