Shooting the sun?

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      Ok, i have been meaning to ask this for some time and havent read a article or anything along those lines on this topic.

      Well anyway heres my question, every now and again the sun makes its way into my shots. How can you safely shot the sun and not risk damaging your ccds or imaging devices.

      You always see shots like these in movies, time lapse and other applications so my question is what precations you need to take to not risk damaging your eyes, viewers eyes or equipment.


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      Right. Ok…..

      I’ve filmed the sun a few times, but I know I shouldn’t have done that, but as I have a second handed video camera so I try everything with that then if it works well I transfer the tape into the other good video camera so that way I keep the good video camera safe.

      I also filmed a beautiful sun rays just creeping through the trees just when the sun comes up with a little fog. It’s so beautiful and I filmed it just in the heat of the moment. I didn’t let the sun in the frame, but just out of it seeing just the rays. It’s probably the best shot I’ve ever filmed!!

      Another option is that you can film just a plain bue sky, then add a sunburst effect in the editing, so it looks like sun glaring at you.

      Hope this helps????


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      You can use a neutral density filter or a polarizing filter. These will decrease the amount of light entering the lens. It is possible to control the light via f-stops and shutter speed, but the gross amount of light the lens has to endure is harmful if done too often.

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      You can get ND filters that cut 99% of the light entering the lens. I’ve been a still photographer since the late fifties and got some cool effects with these. I’m going to experiment with one of my favorite still camera effects, only with the JVC-5000 set at a shutter speed of 1/7.5 sec. (the lens has built in filters)

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