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      Hey Everyone,

      I’ve been hired to shoot a commercial for an iPhone app and the client would like it to be shot from a POV perspective. this sounds easy but its turning out to be quite hard. One thing that we’re trying it putting a green matt on the phone and replacing it in post with screen shots from the app. Thus we need a camera without a rolling shutter in order to do the tracking. We’ve tried out the GoPro Helmet cam but without a preview monitor it becomes difficult to get the framing right. Right now we’re rigging a Canon 60D on a helmet but one, its very unstable and two, its very difficult to look like a normal sized human because the camera makes me look so tall.

      Has anyone out there shot POV and know of a good method?

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      why cant you use a camera with rolling shutter for tracking?

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      you can use an external monitor with the go-pro… little phono jack on the side… if you are going to use the water proof housing (you have no choice if you’re mounting it with the stock mounts) you will need to drill a hole in the plastic housing, to put the jack into the camera.

      Contour makes a nice pov cam with more features, but it costs more as well…

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