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      Text blur/ghosting problem:
      I am shooting a 40-inch Sony LCD display that is showing PowerPoint slides at 1280X768 with photos, charts and text. Im using two different cameras, a Sony PTZ single chip EVI-D30 with auto focus/iris and a Canon GL-1 that has manual exposure/focus capability.
      The images on the screen, as viewed with the eye, are sharp and clear. But whether I record to a cassette with the GL-1 or to a computer with the EVI-D30 the text is fuzzy and the colors are not true. There appears to be ghosting or reflecting around the text. (Rather than the text being fuzzy around the entire perimeter there seems to be a ghost image of the text slightly lower and to the side.)
      Even when I manual focus the GL-1 using the viewfinder the text seems to not come into full focus.
      Do I simply need a higher quality camera to capture clear screen shots?
      Do I need to change the refresh rate of the LCD screen? I think its now at 60.
      Do I need to change the shutter speed of the GL-1? (I cant change the shutter speed of the PTZ cam.)
      Is the camera somehow getting a double image off both the face of the LCD glass screen and the LCD panel itself?
      I have set the brightness level of the display low so that a person standing next to the screen is not washed out. Is that part of the problem? Do I need to increase the screen brightness to force the auto iris on the PTZ to close down and improve depth of field, thus perhaps sharpness?

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      The easy way out would be to just capture clips of your speaker, ignore filming the lcd screen, and import your presentation into your editor. Cut back and forth from the speaker to the slides, instead of trying to capture the slides on an LCD screen, on your tape.

      If you can’t do that, and you have to tape the LCD display to get the slides, it’s probably better to have one camera stationary only focused on the LCD display, and the others on the speaker. Taping a scren is a lot different from taping a person, especially if the lighting is poor.

      I have a GL-1 and it’s not a super low light lovin’ machine. If your lights are really low, it’s going to have a hard time. In hat case, can you use lighting to illuminate the scene?

      I can’t think of any more specific solutions right now, but if more come up, I’ll let you know.

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