Shooting Impersonator’s multiple characters same scene

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      What is the trick to add the same person multiple times in a scene? I have an impersonator who does 4 characters and i want to shoot them in one scene sitting in a waiting room… they dont have to get up or cross another character. How can that be accomplished? thanks for any advice in advance ….

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      Relatively easy as long as your camera is locked down on a tripod. If the camera moves, you’re wasted. Just shoot the scene 4 times – one for each character – all without ever moving the camera.

      Stack all four videos on top of each other in your editing timeline (four video tracks/layers). Crop the left and right of each one appropriately and you’re good to go.

      What are you editing with?

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      so you crop the sides of each individual character… i guess while shooting give them space… they are sitting in a typical waiting room…

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