Shooting a "weatherman" effect with text capability

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New at some of this so please bear with me.

I have a potential client that wants to produce a video seminar in which he is standing in front of a large map. The idea is to use a chroma key background, a video mixer and a monitor so he can see the map in relation to his position similar to a wetherman. The problem I need to solve is this: he writes on the map in his actual presentation and wants to be able to do something similar in the video.

Since this is a rather low budget project, Iwant to use a simple mixer like the Sima SFX10, one camera for the subject against a blue screen andone camera for the map. I will then output the composit to a monitor for the subject to look at and another output to a DVR. I cannot determine what I need to allow the subject to "write" on the map.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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OK, taking a VERY low-budget approach to this.....

No video mixer.

1st, feed the map image into the monitor, and use small pieces of post-it notes to mark where the important map parts are on the face of the monitor.

2nd, now hook up the monitor to the camera aiming at the client (standing in front of a green screen). The client will see himself in the monitor, as well as marks indicating where the "writings" will go.

3rd, the client just points to the spots, rather than "writing" on them. In post production, you make the writings appear as he points to the spots.

I think that would be the easiest and cleanest way to handle it.

Good luck!


P.S. -- If you're using an LCD screen (instead of a glass picture tube), you might try removing most of the stickiness from the post-it notes. (Repeatedly sticking and removing the notes from a paper surface should reduce the stickiness.) Or just put a clear sheet of glass or plastic in front of the monitor.

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Thank you Ken. I will experiment with the post-it-notes.

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Wow, Ken approach is pretty good. This will be a fun experiment to try and it will be great for conferences of broadcast meteorology. This approach will be excellent for teaching some basic of broadcast meteorology to elementary school children that have never been in front of a camera. Thanks Ken, I will sure have fun doing this in future conferences. Now Lindsey, I do weather forecast and to make the effect of writing or moving some clouds you need to make the animation in another program (such as Adobe After Effect) and then put it as part of the image that will be on the greenscreen.The talent must know exactly where the animations or moving images will be in the map. You can also make many different images and in each one include something new but in a different position so it appears that its moving. The talent will need a remote control so he could change the image when he feels like it. And with a little bit of acting from the talent you can pull this effect successfully. This takes practices but it sure works well. I had not include this feature in our current forecast because we don't have a monitor and I'm using Adobe Visual Communicator to make the forecast and the talent can barely see what they are doing. But as soon as I get a monitor I will tell them to start making the animated clouds,writings,etc. You can see my forecast at


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