Shooting a “night” scene. Blue gel filter?

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      I need to shoot in a bedroom at night. Do I just cover my light(s) with a blue gel filter? Is there such a thing as an inexpensive blue gel filter? They seem to run about $50.

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      The price of a filter to cover a small light can be found for less than $50. If you plan to cover an entire window with the filter, then I’d say $50 is a fair price.

      -andrew@ videomaker

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      If you have the option to manually adjust your white balance, then white balance your camcorder with a piece of orange construction paper.

      This gives the scene a blue/night effect.


      And its a lot cheaper than purchasing filters.

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      Changing the colour of your light source may help, but…

      if you camera has an auto white balance, it may compensate to the change, and it’ll look the same,
      if you camera has a manual white balance, you can keep the lights of the same colour, but make a white balance off the cold card, or off a sample of warm, light yellowish/reddish paper or fabric.

      Right setting of the lights is more important, use more back lights and less light on the front side to create silhouettes.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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