Shooting a dark scene for football

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      Hello, I would like to shoot a dark scene of a football player puting on pads akin to puting on armor for battle. I want to make the room look dark and industrial with minimal lighting on the player, just highlighting different parts of the process of putting on pads and such. I plan to have dramatic music build up while he is doing this and crescendo when he puts on his helmet. BTW the subject is 9 years old and this is pop warner football. I will be using my old sony DCR-TRV103 which I can adjust exposure and manually set focus. I do not know exactly how I should light this. I was given some advice to use powder or incense smoke to give depth and to use a box with rectangle cutouts in front of a flood light aimed directly at my subject.

      Does anyone have any good ideas as well? I hope I decribed my vision of this project well enough. Thanks in advanced.

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      It’s as easy as not lighting the background. Flags are your frind. You can even overlight the principals and then color correct to your liking in post.

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