Shooting a conversation inside a car (short film)

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      Hi, people.

      I am shooting a short film and part of it (about 4 or 5 minutes) happens inside a car, while the driver and the guy on the passenger seat are having a conversation.

      Do you guys have hints on camera positioning for this? I would like suggestions on how position the camera either in the car, outside it or on it. Particularly, how do I get that POV in which you see both the driver and the passenger through the windshield, as if the camera was on the top of the hood?

      Any hints on sound for this situation would also be very welcome.

      Thanks a lot,


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      I forgot to say: the car will be moving

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      You know those bike racks with the belts and hooks that go on the back on the trunk? How about affixing it to the hood and strapping your camera to that? Just make sure it’s shadows aren’t casting across the windshield. Drive toward the sun.

      Otherwise, duct tape.

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      Rynnakat has a good idea with the bike rack thing. If you are going to use duct tape as in her latter suggestion I would suggest putting a small bean bag under the camera. For a more pro approachtake a look at solutions like the one in the link below. Also FYI I would remove the rear view mirror from the inside of the car. usually just requires an allen wrench:

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      I have an idea…

      4 red plungers a couple of 2x4s and a pan tilt head…hanger bolt, some decking screws, drill, drill bit the size of theplunger handle or just a tad bigger, a couple ratchet type straps or heavy duty flat bungee cords.

      build a H or X type frame with the 2x4s…the plungers will be the feet, the hanger bolt will be used to attach the video head to the wood frame, the straps will hold it on the car.

      I can draw a picture of what I am thinkingit if you need…

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      Another option is to take a video cam and place on the roof of the car above either the driver’s side window or the passenger’s side window such that you see a near-profile of both the driver and the passenger. It would be a slightly downward angle and viewed from about a 45 degree angle from the nearest nose. Just a thought.

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