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      How are people shooting a computer screen when they show a software tutorial on You Tube? (They are explaining how to do something on a computer and it is showing the software in action) Their videos are so clear so I don’t think they are just filming the screen.

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      Old school way is to just sit the camera in front of the monitor and shoot. Now that LCD’s don’t have the scanning issues the old CRT’s used to, it’s a cinch to do. The other way is to do a video feed out to a camera or recorder to get clean video. That depends purely on what kind of gear and connections you have available. Most computer video cards have a video out feature be it an RCA, S-Video, BNC or HDMI setup. If you have a dedicated video capture card depending on its features you can either capture directly or do a video feed out to a camera or recorder.

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      there are also software solutions.

      macs have that ability included with snow leopard. you can open quicktime 10 and under the pull down menu choose “New screen Capture” to create a quicktime movie…

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      Hi to All,

      To capture screen from computer you have4 major softwares to do this kind of work plus at least 1 NLE video software.

      Consider to use one of these softwares: ( the best is the one you like to use after evaluation and money you are ready to invest)

      1) Camtasia Studio version 7 or just the Snagit or Jing ( money you are ready to invest from free to $299)

      2) Adobe Captivate 5 cost much more $599 but good

      3) Qarbon

      4) Demo Builder

      5) This web site show all:

      With time you can use one or 2 different capture solution depend nature of your work to do.

      The NLE solution is Magix Movie Edit Pro 17 Plus may be more but the only one I tested.



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      I have used Camtasia Studio and would highly recommend it – The price is affordable (as far as video software is concerned) and it is easy to use and very feature rich.

      Wolf – I used to hook up my old PC’s color card (640 X 480 if I remember correctly) to my VCR using the composite (RCA) video out back around 1985 – I made presentations for my mother to use at work blending video (old RCA camera) with Show Partner (precursor to PowerPoint).

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      I recommend Camtasia Studio version 7 because is closer to NLE software and you can combine video to your capture PIP track. Also is easy to output work in many different format and generate the quality you need up to HD file.

      You can download a full trial version from their website also I recommend to view multimedia training is scarce that a company invest so much in good training video.



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      I use Camtasia 7. Easy to use etc. Camtasia is also good, great if you are doing large qty’s of stuff with SCORM based testing. I’ve also used the free WME9 by Microsoft – not as intuitive, nor could you add callouts, but I see they have some new versions I haven’t tried.

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      I always use acethinker free screen recorder to make video tutorial on my computer, works like a charm. It’s a web-based application, you don’t have to download or install anything. Hope it helps you.

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