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      I tried to videotape the moon and some nearby clouds last night with my Sony Handycam. I tried auto and manual focus. I tried some different filters. No matter what I did, the moon was a blurry white blob. I could just about focus on the clouds at times, but not the moon.

      I checked past forum and articles, too, and didn’t find anything on point. Any suggestions?

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      easier to do with a dslr…

      here is how:

      set camera to manual, focus at infinity (or use hyperfocal distance), iso 200, shutter 1/250, aperture f16 (bracket your exposure by opening up the aperture to f11 then f 8). (reason for bracketing? most people expect the moon to be bright and it is ok to overexpose it a little to make it brighter).

      for video it is trickier if your camera does manual everything, then set your focus at infinity, set your shutter speed then dial down your iris until it looks good…. if your camera does not go completely manual, then…. try zooming in as much as you can, lock your focus, and exposure there, then zoom out then dial down your gain if possible til it looks good….

      daylight color balance..

      the thing to remember is this… the moon appears to glow because it is set against a dark sky… it is actually no different than any other object sitting out there lit by the sun…except you are standing on the shady side of the planet shooting an object that is sitting in full sunlight… so your shutter speed and iris need to be set pretty much the same settings you’d use if you were standing in broad daylight with the sun to your back shooting at something lit by the sun. (google Sunny Sixteen Rule).

      you can also try shooting at dawn or dusk while there is still light in the sky if you want (blue coloured) sky and moon with less contrast.

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      Also remember to adjust the exposure.

      Here is some footage shot using a Handycam HC40 and some with HDR-SR11.



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      Thank you both! I will give it a try!

      Birdcat, I saw one of your videos in another forum post here. It was one that came up in my search. Great stuff.

      Again, I appreciate all the feedback.

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