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      Has anyone ever been asked to shoot a wedding and hand over raw footage only (no editing involved)? It would be a 2 camera wedding with with all the needed equipment. How would you guys out there price this out? I was thinking about charging per hour, say around 50$ an hour. The photographer who I work alot with said to avoid this type of situation due to quality control. I’m unsure of what to do.

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      Take the money and run!
      Do the shoot, do firewire dubs that night, bring the tapes over the next afternoon, and collect your cash. If any major glitches, make them disappear during your late night. Dubs will cover in case they mush the originals. Be generous with yourself if they ask for an extra copy of the footage. Be extra generous with yourself if they come by at a later date wanting you to edit. $50 per hour would be ok for the shoot, but with a minimum floor of $300.
      If they want the tapes before you leave the wedding, add $100 for "special handling."
      Best of luck!
      REGARDS … TOM 8)

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      Very good point by Compulsover about keeping a proof copy.
      It never happened to me that customers complained about a tape. But I guess it does not hurt to insure yourself and keep a proof copy.

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