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      Ok, I wasn’t sure which forum to post this in since it involves shooting and editing, so here it goes.

      A client wants me to shoot a project in 16:9 format. I will be using the Canon XH A1 and editing on Final Cut Pro 5.04. The final product will be a widescreen DVD made through DVD Studio Pro.

      So my question is:

      Should I shoot in HDV format, or shoot SD but in 16:9.
      I realize the HDV will be downconverted into SD, Im just wondering if its a big deal on how I shoot it.

      Anyone have experience shooting HDV than outputting it to SD via DVD, using Final Cut Pro?

      Any suggestions/tips are appreciated.

      Mike A.

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      My school has apples and just got some Sony HDV cameras. The only difference I saw with the HD was playback on the apple looked of higher quality. Of course when you do HD, you get more pixels. But if you’re just going to downconvert, there’s no reason to do HD. It just eats up juice and tape quicker.

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