Shoot First - Focus Later

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Lytro has finally unveiled the world's first "light field" cameras, which are capable of focusing after a shot has been taken.

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That looks interesting. I see a world of possibilities with it, but I prefer going through the trouble of focusing the camera before to get a great shot. This Lytro camera is something like "Forget about it, with fix it in post".


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It is more than just "fix it in post" I think there is much more than that. Sure you can create a nice still from it, but the entire concept allows for much more. I have been on their list since June, and was emailed a link yesterday to pre-order these now. So tempting it is, but I think I will let a generation or two go by to see the widescale results and reviews before purchasing anything like this. I am not sure if I am allowed to be posting this here, but if there are any issues I can remove it.

Now just imagine when (not if) this technology hits the video scene...