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Shoe vs. External?

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    I have a Canon Vixia HFM40. Looking for some quality audio as the last piece of my new setup. I’ve been eyeing different ways to go about it so I of course thought I’d get some advice before I spend $80+.

    Should I grab a Shotgun mic to attach to the camera or should I get an external audio and just sync it up? Also some advice on what to buy as far as models would be appreciated too.

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    Generally having the shotgun attached to the camera is better because you will not need to sync audio in post later (saves some precious time). But there are many advantages of having an external audio, one of them is that you will not need to setup audio on the fly in the camera while recording. In events were you can’t stop recording setting up audio in the camera sometimes can cause undesirable movements in the camera angle. With the external audio you can monitor and change audio without affecting the camera angle. Is a good idea to have someone in charge of the external audio device to constantly monitor any changes while someone else takes care of the camera. Of course in acontrolledenvironmentyou don’t have to worry about this.

    As far as models I got a Audio Tecnica AT897 which works great. For external audio device the Zoom H2 (and the other Zoom models) are highlyrecommendedin this forum.

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    Cory: “quality audio” and “$80+” are mutually exclusive terms. That said, I think the most important question to ask is “What are you going to be shooting?” If it’s weddings, for example, a wireless lavaliere mic would be a better choice than a shotgun; you want the mic as close to the person speaking as possible.

    If you’re going to be doing field work, where you want to have the mic on a boom pole to pick up several voices, for example, a shotgun works very well.

    Others might not agree but I would stay away from a separate audio recorder, especially if what you’re shooting is episodic. Having to sync video to 75-100 individual clips, even with the help of software like Plural Eyes, can be very time consuming and complex.

    Take a look at Audio Technica, Shure and Sennheiser shotgun and wireless lav mics; expect to pay a minimum of $250 for the shotgun, double that for a wireless lav.



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    Oh, that probably would help. I almost exclusively shoot written comedy. So it’s very dialogue heavy

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    I have used my zoom H2 wired to my Canon cameras as an external mic many times and been quite happy with the results, considering your budget, I have read reports that the Zoom H1 is a lower price option to the H2, but only gives you a a monaural sound stream with excellent sound quality. I have been thinking of getting one to give me an option to use external microphones on all three of my cameras.

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